Monday Motivation – 11/11/19

Happy Veteran’s Day

Hello, It’s been awhile…and what a great day to be back by honoring our Military Heroes! I was a military family member for many years and understand the sacrifices that are made to keep our Country Free. What a better way to stay motivated on a cold and snowy Monday than to honor all Veterans. Sometimes it is difficult to get up and lean into the day – especially if you know it is going to be a rough one! It’s easy to stay in bed all cuddled under the blankets. Throw them off and lead the day with courage! It takes a lot of courage to wake up and walk out into danger…but we dig down into our hearts and know that we have a purpose and there is meaning it what we do. We inspire people…we motivate people…we provide direction to people.

Let’s honor those who have sacrificed the most…those who got up every day and looked danger in the face…who left behind sons and daughter; husband and wives; moms and dads…to protect the most valuable thing we have has Americans…Freedom! For this we are forever grateful! To all the Veterans out there…Thank you for your services – we appreciate your sacrifice for our freedom!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” – John Holmes

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