Monday Motivation – 5/27/19

Today is a day of appreciation…remembering and honoring those who have lost their lives fighting for us…the ultimate sacrifice. We owe our freedom to those soldiers so we can go to the beach, so we can eat hamburgers and play tennis…so we can take pictures and scroll the Internet. Our freedom is valuable! Think about the motivation it takes to go into battle everyday…to fight for our freedom. In many situations for someone in the military, motivation is the key to success. Motivation can be described as something which compels a person to act with determination. A true passion to serve and fight for something so meaningful!

I’ve known a lot of military people in my life. There are many reasons they signed up…Maybe it is to take care of their family, maybe it is to get an education, maybe it is for the friendships…but at the end of the day…they joined to protect this country! They are motivated by their deep passion to serve and protect the freedom we all enjoy! We honor those individuals who sacrifice for us so we can enjoy this day. Those who serve sacrifice time with their family and in many cases sacrifice their mental health…but today we honor those who have sacrificed the most by giving their life so that we may live in freedom! Let us take time today to remember those who have fallen. Let us not take for granted the sacrifice they made!

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