Monday Motivation – 4/29/19

Hellllllooooooo Monday! Let’s get this week started. As I was considering what to talk about today, I was fortunately sent an article on a 90 year old who is graduating on May 5th from Northeastern Illinois University with his first Bachelor’s Degree! WOW. At 90 his motivation was not to get a better job or that something was missing from his life but to be better and to learn more. Getting your first degree at 90 is not something we hear about every day. So where do you think this is coming from. I am sure there are so many other things he could be doing. Well, he had a goal and he was bound and determined to complete his goal. AND it is never too late to achieve our goals.

We know that completing our goals are not always easy and getting motivated and out of the rut can be even more difficult! So what do we need to do. One thing you can consider is taking another look at your goals. Are they really yours or do they belong to someone else. Sometimes we take on goals because someone else thinks it is what we should do. If this is the case then we need to let them go. If we do not have skin in the game…we are not committed. We are not excited and therefore will not take the steps necessary to get to the next level. This can be discouraging and so we get in a rut thinking we are never going to accomplish our goals.

So let’s get out of that rut…first acknowledge you are in a rut and get out there and get some exercise. Once you have done that…we will need to break down the issues into small doable steps. If you need to…talk to a friend…talk about the details and get specific. You will have a sense of accomplishment as you complete each step. An important thing would be to celebrate every step of the way. Don’t let one obstacle get you down. Dust yourself off, stand up, and move on with your life and think happy thoughts!!! Bets of luck and let me know how you are doing!

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