Monday Motivation – 4/22/19

In order for us to accomplish our goals…we must be motivated. Motivation comes from within…now you might be inspired by others, but if you do not take some sort of action you won’t get done what you want. So let’s start with positive thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negatively then turn that off and think about something that makes you happy…maybe it is a beautiful memory, or a place you have been or would love to go. Go to that place that makes you smile! Next, let’s find some confidence…you are an amazing individual…think about all the successes you have had…go on I know you have had a lot of them. Now let’s apply this thought process to the week…

Pull out those goals we started a few weeks ago…what steps do you need to take this week to get closer to accomplishing those goals? Is there one goal closer to completion than another…or is there a goal that puts a smile on your face…makes you feel good to get one more step closer…then choose that one. Great! Now let’s break down that goal. What can you realistically accomplish this week? For example, if your goal is to loose 50 lbs…well we know that won’t happen this week, however…loosing 2 – 3 lbs this week is certainly doable…let’s take this more manageable step to close the gap to our ultimate goal.

Finally, tell someone what you want to accomplish this week! Have an accountability coach. This will help you stay focused and inspired to get it done! Don’t worry if you have set backs or ‘stuff’ gets in your way…stay positive and keep taking action. Best of luck this week…let me know how it is going. “Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” –Roy T. Bennett

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