Friday Focus – 4/12/19

Today is the day to revisit the week…were you able to focus on the steps to meet the goals or did you get distracted on things that were non-productive? It’s easy to get distracted, especially in today’s world…there are deadlines, employee issues, soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, etc…it seems impossible to get everything done… What we need is to practice! For the next few weeks we are going to learn new ways to focus our mind so we can be more productive to meet our goals. This next week take 20 – 30 minutes out of each day (WAIT…you don’t have 20 or 30 minutes? I know you can find it! Try watching 1/2 less of TV – I promise you won’t miss anything) and meditate. Okay okay…we will start slow…this weekend practice meditating for 5 – 10 minutes a day…work yourself up to 15 – 20 minutes.

Meditating is a great way to relax and focus on clearing your mind. The best way to do this is to find a quite place with no distractions and get comfortable (although not too comfortable you fall asleep). The purpose is to practice focusing on clearing your mind. Relax your body and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth concentrating on this task and nothing else. If thoughts start popping into your head…push them out. This will take a few tries…don’t get discouraged…it takes practice. To make it even easier, there are many apps out there that can help you, such as The Mindfulness App, Calm, Mindbody and what I use…Headspace. With minimal research you will find the one that works best for you! Best of luck…let’s stay focused.
Concentration can be cultivated. One can learn to exercise willpower, discipline one’s body and train one’s mind.” – Anil Ambani

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