Leadership Shaping Series – #2

The shape of leadership reminds me of shoes…there are flat ones, ballerina, pumps, stiletto, gym, sneakers, dress & boots…the list could go on. As people, we make decisions daily on which pair of shoes we are going to wear with the outfit we choose. Sometimes we even choose the shoes first and then the outfit! Some would even say that shoes are what make the outfit! As leaders, we work with many personalities every single day. This means we must get to know those we work with. Treating everyone the same will just not work. How we approach our subordinates, co-workers, and even our boss are completely different from each other. As leaders, we must choose the approach (just like shoes), that best fit the individual we are meeting with. The next person you meet with, stop, and put on the pair of shoes that best fit their personality. Come on…give it a try.

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